FXP Fitness Makes Getting in Shape for Summer Fun

FXP Fitness is make getting “bathing suit ready” for summer fun, fast and easy! The countdown to summer is underway and you’re ready! Sunscreen? Check. Flip flops? Check. Bikini? Well, that may be a different story. Don’t let those few extra pounds of “baby weight” keep you hiding on the sidelines this summer. There’s still plenty of time to get into poolside shape (and have fun doing it) with FXP Fitness.

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FXP Fitness Helps You Get in Shape for Summer

In 30 days or less, FXP Fitness will help you drop pounds and inches, giving you the carefree confidence to rock summer vacation,plus the energy you need to keep up with the kids.

Introducing the FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Workout! This fresh fusion workout is a low to no impact program, inspired by proven methods of barre, yoga and Pilates, combined into a high intensity interval training system using a specially designed fitness hula hoop! Backed by proven metabolic research, FXP Hula Hoop exercise scorch up to 880 calories per hour getting you in shape and toned all over-- FAST! Best of all, it’s easy and FUN for “all ages and stages” so you’ll be showing your mom-muscles.

By revolutionizing the way people think about fitness, FXP Fitness has created a fun-orientedwellness platform, where users have access to several forms of affordable fitness fun, that can be done in the living room or on the go:

Hula Hoop Kits- Choose from five individualized kits. Each kit comes with a retractable hoop, DVDs, guides, carrying bag and more! Kits start at $49.94.

Hula Hoop Level 1 Teacher Training-Designed for trainers by trainers, it’s the first step in teaching FXP Fitness classes. Training is $250 with discounts for groups and military.

Hula Hoop Life Diet Nutrition Program-Provides access to expert nutritionists, meal planning guides, recipes, support and more.

Mobile App- The perfect way to access FXP programs anywhere.

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Source: FXP Fitness

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