MedCard: The Card That Could Save Your Life

SecureLife MedCard gives first responders immediate access to your critical medical information. In a medical emergency, seconds count, and your personal medical information can help first responders make life-saving decisions. Whatever your condition, even if you are in shock or unconscious, the SecureLife MedCard puts that critical information at a doctor or first responder’s fingertips. Information like your blood type, allergies, medical conditions, and emergency contacts are right on the card. Additional information is available in seconds by scanning the QR code on the card with the scanning app on any smartphone.

MedCard Basic lets anyone with a scanning app view what you consider your “public” online information. MedCard Plus lets you store more information online and requires a pin number for access, keeping your information private unless you choose to divulge it.

“Statistics reveal that over 100,000 lives are lost each year in the U. S alone because first responders didn’t have the information they needed,” says SecureLife founder Jim Garlie. “It’s really frustrating for EMTs and other first responders to check a victim’ s purse or wallet and not find the information they need to save that individual’s life in an emergency. With MedCard, the first responder can get the information on the spot and can even forward it to the hospital so it’s there when the patient arrives”

SecureLife protects user information, storing data with a fully HIPAA-compliant hosting service. Users can choose exactly what they want to upload for online storage – with MedCard Plus that can even include images like x-rays or MRIs – and can modify stored information at any time at no charge. “MedCard isn’t just for emergencies,” says Garlie. “Many people just want a safe and secure way to store their medical records. And it’s great for travelers as well. When you’re away from home, it can be difficult or even impossible for healthcare providers to get medical records from your own providers. With MedCard Plus, whatever you’ve uploaded can be securely accessed in seconds, anywhere in the world, as long as you’ve given the provider your card and pin.”

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About SecureLife

SecureLife is a growing company dedicated to the development of a secure international database of individual healthcare information and providing life-saving, real-time access to that information for healthcare providers and first responders. SecureLife is actively expanding both the MedCard application and marketing. The company currently has a patent pending for a smartphone application that will take full advantage of mobile capabilities including a GPS locator.In the area of marketing, the company is exploring partnerships with insurance companies, sales to corporations and other groups, and the opportunity for individuals to sell MedCard. “It’s easy and a great way for an individual to start a side business or to raise funds for a group,” says Garlie. In addition, individuals can go to the site and purchase MedCard as a gift for a friend or loved one.

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Source: Secure Life MedCard 

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