Persona Non Grata with Diabetes: Raw Memoir Cuts to Core of Real Life with Diabetes. Critics are Calling it “Superb & Enlightening”

When Paul Cathcart was diagnosed with Diabetes some two decades ago, the advice from his medical team was simple – keep taking insulin, take even more if you’re feeling unwell, and ultimately leave them alone. Cathcart was lost among the radical life adjustments he had to make; a shift that no doctor or nurse was interested in providing any help with.

So Cathcart took it upon himself to treat and manage his illness. After many years of honing his skills, through times that were both hugely-frustrating and incredibly rewarding, he has now put pen to paper to expose what life is really like as a Diabetic.

‘Persona Non Grata with Diabetes: A self-portrait of the diabetic condition’ is ultimately a showcase of growing up, coming to terms with, and living through the complications of diabetes. To readers, it is one of the few portholes into a world that nobody else seems to understand.

Synopsis: I wrote this book because I kept getting ill and the hospitals could not make me better. I wrote this book because they kept telling me to make myself better, but I couldn't and my world fell apart. I wrote this book because I'd lost four good jobs already, and I kept finding myself in the street not knowing who or where I was. I wrote this book because the Diabetes Industry kept telling me just to have some more insulin. Then they told me things were a lot worse than I ever could have imagined. – So I figured things out and I made myself better. I wrote this book for you.

“This book, at its core, exposes Diabetes for the confusing and messed up condition it is – both from a symptomatic and treatment perspective,” explains Cathcart. “It’s chock-full of 100% genuine stories and vignettes, however unbelievable they may seem, all made public to help people navigate their new life under the medical system’s misguided hand.”

Continuing, “I get reviews and letters every week from readers praising it as one of the only books written by someone living with Diabetes to tell life as it is – admissions that ultimately provide hope and thoughts of a bright future for those left behind by our care systems.”

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Reviews for the volume have been extremely positive. For example, CJ comments, “Finally a book about being diabetic that isn't patronising, doesn't moralise and tells it like it is. I read this book in one go. I shared so many feelings, experiences and opinions of being a type 1 D I went through the whole spectrum of emotions as I read it. I recognised my own denial and anger and my own breakthrough to acceptance when meeting the right team. This should be compulsory reading for all diabetic consultants and diabetes specialist nurses. We could probably all write our own versions of this book, they would probably all be equally as powerful but I thank Paul for having the courage to actually do it. Definitely the best diabetic read ever.”

Derek Raulerson adds, “Through the course of ten years in the publishing industry, it is rare to pick up a manuscript that one can instantly relate to while yearning for more and Paul Cathcart has accomplished this feat in Persona non grata with Diabetes. Whether you suffer from the consequences of diabetes or enjoy reading, this self portrait will engulf and consume you as this writer expounds on a life complicated with diabetes along with the trials and tribulations of everyday life while facing his disease. A real day to day view of a diabetic's real world life from Paul's personal perspective sheds light in this must read narrative. This book is not only for diabetics but for the whole world. A true must read.”

‘Persona Non Grata with Diabetes: A self-portrait of the diabetic condition’ is available now:

About Paul Cathart

What kind of persona dedicates their life to understanding and sharing the emotions of diabetes? An everyday diabetic of 21 years’ experience; Cathcart has come to understand his diabetes as a state-of-being rather than its medical definition. His core belief is 'that only through a rightful understanding can we accept a just responsibility to our shared condition.’

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Source: Persona Non Grata with Diabetes


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