Physique 57 Workout: Sculpt & Transform Your Body!

Physique 57 is an internationally renowned fitness company with luxurious studios, premium retail, award-winning DVDs and a newly published book, “The Physique 57 Solution: The Groundbreaking 2-Week Plan for a Lean, Beautiful Body.” Since the company's launch in 2006, Physique 57 has experienced rapid customer growth and now owns and operates five studios—three in New York City, one in Los Angeles and one in the Hamptons.

Physique 57 co-founder Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi is a dance enthusiast, Columbia MBA and former Wall Street professional. In 2005, upon the sudden closing of The Lotte Berk Method, a highly respected fitness studio offering the eponymous technique created in the 1950s by a former accomplished ballet dancer, Jennifer realized that she and legions of devout Lotte Berk followers needed a new home.

Teaming up with Tanya Becker, one of the foremost instructors of The Lotte Berk Method for over a decade, Physique 57 was born—a modern take on Lotte Berk's fitness revelation, paired with world class business management techniques.

For years Physique 57 has been challenging women and men to work their bodies in new and exciting ways using natural body resistance, unique choreography and motivating music set to an energizing pace. The smashing success of the studios, amazing client results and numerous unsolicited celebrity endorsements helped spread the word that Physique 57 is effective.

In June 2009, Physique 57 launched its first DVD Workout Series to bring the method into the homes of people around the world. In December 2010, building on the success of the award winning and best-selling Volume 1 results, the highly anticipated Physique 57 DVD Workout Series Volume 2 was released.

About the Physique 57 Workout

Physique 57 is an innovative workout program that combines isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches to systematically lengthen and sculpt your muscles and create a beautiful, lean body. The process is similar to interval training, but they've taken that concept to the next level to make it even more effective.

Physique 57’s interval sets use your body’s own weight as resistance, and through dynamic exercises, your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief. This is referred to as the groundbreaking process "Interval Overload" which includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves and fluid stretches.

The benefits of the Physique 57 technique include: a sculpted physique; strong core muscles; cardiovascular health; long and lean muscles; lifted seat; strength and endurance; flexibility; improved body alignment; increased bone density.

To learn more about Physique 57, please visit them on the Web.

Source and Images Courtesy: Physique 57


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